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Thai Ridgeback Dog

Breed : Ridgeback Puppy

Status : Available

Current Age : 12 Weeks Old

Sex : Male

Price : $1150

Vaccinations : Up-to-Date

Included Items : akc registration | health guarantee | vaccinations

Littered Trained.

To begin with, The Thai Ridgeback dog is believe to be first documented approximately 350 years ago, but breed lovers do believe that Thai Ridgeback breed has existed normally for much longer than notice. Humans in Thailand semi-domesticated the breed in the 1600s for multiple purposes like to chase down vermin, help pull carts, and act as a guard for shops and homes. The reason why it has kept its own original type for so long is because of poor transportation systems in the aera, Before (and even after) domestication. Thai Ridgebacks were mostly found on the eastern island of Dao Phu Quoc, right near the border of Cambodia and Vietnam.

However, The breed was incredibly scares outside of Thailand but now is found in the USA, Europe and the World at large due to its friendly and loving nature. Forther more, the Thai Ridgeback didn’t make it over to the States until 1994. And the American Kennel Club added the Thai Ridgeback to their Foundational Stock Service group in 1997. The Thai Ridgeback is well trained and  very active, with an excellent jumping ability. He is very intelligent, has a strong survival instinct and is a loyal family pet of all times.

Thai Ridgeback Puppy

Further more, the Thai Ridgeback is a muscular and medium-sized pet with a stream-lined body that makes it very agile and a natural athlete at all times. The ridge on his back is formed by hair growing in the opposite direction from the rest of his coat and the breed has up to 8 different ridge patterns. But it’s important to note that, Puppies can be born without this ridge. Thai coat colors include solid blue, black, red or fawn with a black mask occasionally on the red-coated dogs. Thai Ridgebacks also have spotted tongues and some even come with solid black/blue tongues. Today, most Ridgebacks are companion dogs, but they still maintain many of the same instincts for the jobs for which they were bred: hunting and guarding. They had to be independent, self-sufficient and hunt for their own food, which gave them strong survival instincts, a high prey drive, and a high level of intelligence. If well-bred and properly socialized, the Thai Ridgeback can be a loyal, loving pet. As a guarding breed, they are naturally protective of their home and can be reserved and suspicious with strangers. Thai Ridgebacks will need patient, consistent and experienced owner with a good understanding of dog behavior. thai ridgeback dog.

To continue, it was discovered that male Thai Ridgebacks takes the highiet 22 to 24 inches from the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 75 pounds, mean while female Thai Ridgebacks are a little shorter at 20 to 22 inches and weighs 35 to 55 pounds. More so, some thai Ridgebacks can be larger or smaller than average for their breed depending on their parants nature. To conclude, thai ridgebacks are very important for home use. Thai Ridgeback Puppy.

  Thai Ridgeback.

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